Call for Papers

April 12, 2021

International Hybrid Conference

“Virtual Management: Going Online during COVID-19 Pandemic”

Department of Management,

Ala-Too International University

14-15 June, 2021

Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic


Concept note:

Restrictions of movement during the COVID-19 pandemic have forced the restructuring of many processes and operations to go online. People worldwide have experienced new approaches, which many couldn’t predict. Even the strictest rules on the requirement of physical presence were lightened for an unimaginable level of acceptance. Today, after one year of the start of the pandemic, we have adapted to new ways of working, managing, and learning. Many businesses had dire consequences; however, those who have welcomed the change and coped with the virtual environment came out with lesser losses. Pandemic has also paved the way for new thinking, automation tools, and management processes; leading to cost-cutting, saving time, and increasing productivity.

Conference subthemes:

Conference subthemes below are just preliminary topics, we welcome the participants to present papers covering the conference's broader theme. We highly appreciated articles of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary nature.

  • Virtualization of Management Processes and Operations

  • Process Re-engineering, Modeling, and Automation

  • Virtual Businesses and Businesses Beyond Borders

  • Offering Services Online, Commercialization, and Monetization

  • E-commerce and International Trade during the Pandemic

  • Businesses Affected by the Pandemy and Online Solutions

  • New Businesses and Innovations during the Pandemic

  • Virtual Offices, Virtual Workforce, and Human Resource Management

  • Online Employee Engagement, Performance Assessment, and Motivation

  • Change Management, Online Leadership, Persuasion, and Negotiation

  • Managing Education Processes Online and Virtualization of Education

  • Assessing Learning Outcomes and Managing Online Courses

  • E-documentation, Online-documents Management, and Documents Flow

  • Skill Sets for Virtual Managers and Online Workforce

  • Online Training, Skills Development, and Re-skilling

  • New Professions, Online Jobs, Freelancing, and Tech-nomads

  • Coping Strategies for Virtual Environment and Mental Health Monitoring

  • Web-Based Information Systems and Workflow Management Systems

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in Management

  • Data-driven Decision Making and Decision Automation

  • Data-sharing, Information Systems Integration, and Single-window Systems

  • Knowledge Management, Business Intelligence, and Competitive Intelligence

  • Internet Marketing and Marketing of Virtual Products

  • Contribution of Virtual Management for Green and Inclusive Economy

  • Challenges in Taxation and Legal Aspects of Virtual Enterprises

  • E-commerce Fraud and Cyber-security Literacy

  • Planning, Promoting and Managing the Online and Hybrid Events

  • Lean and Quality Management in Virtual Settings


Academics, researchers, and practitioners are encouraged to submit research papers to contribute to thought-provoking discussions to take place during the conference. The organizers seek articles with empirical data and findings, evidence-based opinion pieces, scientifically drafted experience sharing, and case studies.

The abstracts and paper submissions are managed through the conference website. We request to restrict the abstract to a maximum of a thousand words and the papers to a maximum of ten thousand words. We will communicate the acceptance status of the abstracts and documents within seven days. We suggest submitting entries as early as possible without waiting for the final days; in case of a request for redrafting, the participants will have time for enriching and sharpening the submissions.

Contributors can submit their entries through the following link:


We will accept the final manuscript with revisions for publication after conference dates and publication options will be discussed with each contributor individually. The authors can also choose to get their manuscripts published in the September issue of Ala-Too Academic Studies journal,, which is one of the leading and refereed academic journals in Kyrgyzstan. The organizing and editorial board of the conference reserves the right of final decision on shortlisting and publishing.


The papers should adhere to the APA style of referencing. Kindly check for the latest edition of the manual,

Working languages:

The conference accepts papers in English, Kyrgyz, Turkish and Russian languages. The organizers will divide the sessions based on language and content-based approaches.

Mode of the conference:

The organizers will conduct the conference in a hybrid format, both online and physical participation. The entire sessions will be live-streamed by enabling the online participants to engage in discussions.


We highly welcome paper presenters and participants to our university campus. We will be much delighted to host foreign delegates willing to attend the conference. The Government of Kyrgyzstan exempts visa requirements for many nationalities, and there is also an e-visa service available for those who need a visa for traveling,

There is no participation and paper presentation fee; conference organizers do not charge for publications as well. However, we will not be able to cover travel and accommodation expenses for guests from outstation and abroad.

Important dates:

  • 30th April 2021, the deadline for abstract submissions

  • 31st May 2021, the deadline for paper submissions

  • 14-15 June 2021, conference dates

  • 30th June 2021, the deadline for final manuscript submissions for publication

Conference Website:

Further details of the conference can be found on the conference website, The website will keep the information updated with the latest development.


For more information you can contact us through, email id.